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Case studies

EnBW Baltic 2

Statistics: 80 Wind Turbines,
Electricity for 340,000 homes,
23 – 44 metres deep.

Around 40 km east of Møns Klint in Denmark lies one of Germany’s largest offshore wind parks. Since its construction in 2015, service personnel were housed in hotel ships close to the turbines. Whilst this makes sense in terms of proximity, it’s not necessarily as cost efficient as housing employees on land. Not to mention the challenges teams have to face when spending long periods of time at sea.

This is where the services of MMA Offshore A/S come into play. A service centre and hotel is being constructed in the town of Klintholm, close to the offshore wind park. This onshore facility provides everything the hard-working teams need, including comfortable accommodation, excellent catering, rest and relaxation options as well as sports facilities as well.

In addition to the benefits of staff wellbeing, the proximity of the centre built by MMA Offshore A/S means that the client can increase efficiency and reduce costs. “We expect noticeable cost savings and synergies, as the journey from Klintholm harbour will only take a good hour,” explains Kent Hougaard of EnBW Offshore Services Denmark.

Klintholm is an ideal service hub for the wind park, which provides over 340,000 homes with electricity generated by 80 Siemens SWT,6-120 turbines. As EnBW will be moving parts of the operating team to the facility in Klintholm, it is set to grow and provide cost effective and convenient service to the wind park. MMA Offshore A/S will continue to support EnBW in this endeavour and facilitate the expansion of its activities in the region.